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Urban Low-income Housing And Development : A Case Study In Peninsular Malaysia

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The research project of which the present study is the end result was initiated in late 1970, while I was affiliated with the Economisch Instituut voor de Bouwnijverheid (Economic Institute for the Construction Indus- try), Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This institution, in association with the Urban Development Authority, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, also suppor- ted fieldwork in Malaysia from early 1973 to spring 1975. This resulted in a report to the Malaysian government (Wegelin, 1975), which forms the basis of the present study. Improvement and extension of the earlier report to mould the study in its present shape has been made possible by the financial support of the Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs in Econo- mische en Sociale Aspecten van Bouwproductie en Bouwnijverheid (Foun- dation for University Education in Economic and Social Aspects of Construction), Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The support of the above institutions is gratefully acknowledged. The study owes much to the pioneering work on low-income housing in developing countries bij Charles Abrams and has further been stimul- ated particularly by the contributions of Leland S. Bums and John F. C. Turner in this field. The recent development of comprehensive cost- benefit appraisal methods for industrial projects in developing countries by Professor I. M. D. Little and J. A. Mirrlees (OECD) and A. K. Sen, P. Dasgupta and S. A. Marglin (UNIDO) provided a challenge to apply similar methods in the area of low-income housing.

Media Consumption In Malaysia

RRP $451.99

How do visitors immersing themselves in material places such as shopping malls or video sites online make sense of the experience, enabling criticizing - or consenting to content? How is this evident in behaviour? Reflecting on accounts by Chinese, Indian, Malay and Indigenous members of Malaysian society, this book addresses these questions from a practices perspective increasingly adopted by scholars in marketing and media studies.

The volume provides an account of practices theory from its origins in critical hermeneutics (such as Heidegger, Gadamer and Ricoeur), as reflecting on the processes of embodied understanding, developing alongside interpretive and reception theory. Part I draws upon authors as diverse as Heidegger and Henry Jenkins, with a practices perspective on media and mall consuming shown as developing from forty years of theorizing about audience activity. An empirical study of Malaysian blogging and branding on YouTube exemplifies this approach. Part II considers Malaysians absorbed in social media sites, as everyday visitors and the subjects of consumer research. The book then returns to the material world, exploring the horizons of understanding from which Malaysians enter their mediated malls, and concludes by positioning media practices theory within a spectrum of philosophical ideas.

Recognizing the current (re)turn in Consumer and Media Studies to employing hermeneutics as an account of our embodied human understanding, this book presents its major philosophical proponents, showing how close attention to their writing can now inform and shape research on ubiquitous screen users. As such, it will be of particular interest to students and scholars of Media Studies, Asian Studies and Marketing Studies.

Reforming Economic Systems In Asia : A Comparative Analysis Of China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, And Thailand

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After the 1997 Asian crisis, most Asian countries embarked on a serious process of reform to revitalize their economies. This highly topical book begins with a thorough analysis of the reforms proposed and implemented in China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. This analysis focuses on financial and corporate sector reforms and on the changing role of public administrations. The authors argue that the chain effects of the Asian crisis are not only confined to a regional economic context: the evolution of the role of regional associations and of the security scenario in East Asia outlines the beginning of a deep and comprehensive political, economic and social change. Leading scholars with in-depth knowledge of each country focus on these international variables, in particular: the role of APEC in the wake of the Asian crisis and the Seattle debacle, the process of economic integration in East Asia and the evolution in East Asian regional security As a multidisciplinary work, "Reforming Economic Systems in Asia" should be warmly received by researchers and academics of Asian studies, political science and political economy. Anyone involved in international business and in designing strategies for international enterprises should also find this book of interest.


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